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I work from and my work is totally online so I'm constantly on laptop fr about 7-8 hours a day. Now, I have heard that keeping laptop on lap for longer time can be harmful for your lower body parts? How true it is? Also, if its harmful can I place a cushion on lap and use laptop over it? Or pls suggest what can be done for safe usage of laptop.


asked Oct 24 '13 at 06:45

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You are absolutely right ~ if you are a male, your testes heat up under the laptop and this is detrimental to sperm quality, but should not cause lasting problems in the future. If you are trying to become pregnant with your partner, though, you should indeed get a cushion or lap-desk to create some separation between your gonads and the laptop. A cushion will not be a fire hazard as long as the external fan vent of the laptop is not covered.

Women will not have any problems with their repro organs when using a laptop for lengthy computing sessions, as our repro organs are situated higher in our abdomens, not right between our legs and directly under the heat source of the laptop.

While we are on the subject of testicle health, please remember to check your testicles regularly (each 3 or so months), by cupping them in your hand and checking for lumps, bumps and swellings or tenderness. If you discover any of these irregularities, please check with your doctor who can investigate further. Many cases of testicular cancer (here in Australia) have been prevented by early medical care after men self-checked and found something a little wrong.

Very good Q, Shrey ~ asking Q's and being proactive about your health is very important, and no Q is too trivial. You could save your own life or a lot of medical grief asking relevant Q's such as this.


answered Feb 27 '14 at 22:31

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As far as science and medicine have seen so far, it won't affect your reproductive organs - but it can cause a rash or, with prolonged use, discoloration of the skin on your thighs and stomach where the heat radiates from the laptop. Using a cushion is a fire hazard - the heat from the laptop could cause it to ignite or melt. You can buy a lapdesk specifically made for this purpose - it's usually in the form of a cushion with a hard top for the computer to rest on, so the heat can't cause it to melt. They're available on amazon and other internet sites, as well as in most computer stores. They're generally pretty cheap and last a long time - I've had the same one for four years and it still works great! Good luck :)


answered Jan 19 '14 at 17:01

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