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What do we have to do if germs start to come out of the sanitary bin?

asked Nov 07 '13 at 01:50

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If a sanitary bin is not cleaned and emptied regularly, germs may indeed build up on it, and nasty smells may ensue. The only way these germs may affect you is if you TOUCH the bin. Smells may indicate germ presence, but will not vector harmful germs into your body. If the bin is in a public place, point out or complain to the person in charge that it needs more regular cleaning and emptying.

Ensure you ALWAYS wash your hands BEFORE and AFTER touching sanitary products and the disposal area. Washing your hands with soap and water (esp. warm water) WILL KILL 99.7+ percent of germs. If you are unable to access soap and water, try to get some Hand Sanitiser product (a gel in a little bottle you can keep in your pocket or bag that needs no water to be usable ~ just rub some on your hands with no need to rinse). Carrying a small bar of soap with you would be helpful if there is water but no soap.

If the bin is so disgusting you don't want to touch it, wrap your sanitary item in toilet paper or a nappy/sanitary disposal bag and drop it in a bin outside.

Germs will not 'start to come out of the sanitary bin' if it is enclosed, kept clean and emptied regularly, but paying attention to your hand-washing routine and personal hygeine is always a good idea regardless of the cleanliness of the toilet facilities, as germs are so small, they are unable to be seen and may be present on even regularly cleaned surfaces. Good luck and I hope these tips can reassure and help you.


answered Feb 28 '14 at 00:20

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