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I am age 52, bloodwork 2 yrs ago shows levels of menopause. Periods have continued, like clockwork and getting heavier. I have uterine fibroids. Suddenly nov 18 period is heavier than usual with lots of big clots for 10 days. now 8 more days of only bleeding when have clots. Some days one clot, today clots for last 2 hours, everytime I pass a clot, the bright red watery blood fills a pad. I called the doc on call and will go into my doctors office on monday for an ultrasound. What is happening? What are some options to stop the clotting/bleeding?

asked Dec 07 '13 at 08:03

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Hi dmb, that does dound a bit worrying. That the bleeding is so heavy is of some concern. A fibroid may have burst, as bright red blood indicates fresh bleeding, and the clots are older blood that has accumulated. Definitely an ultrasound and blood test are indicated to try to find out what is going on. Please go to the doctor if the bleeding fills a pad more than once an hour. This heavy bleeding may cause you to feel tired and weak, so pay attention to your diet and fluid intake. Please ask the doc to check your iron levels, too, as the excessive bleeding may deplete iron levels.

Please come back in here and post when you have the scan and get some answers, and let us know how you go and what the diagnosis may be. Good luck and the best of health to you ~ I really hope by now (a couple of months after your original Q) you have some answers and treatment for the condition.


answered Feb 28 '14 at 00:38

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I have just entered in Menopause and suffering from its severe symptoms. I am mostly dealing with hot flashes from last year and suffered a lot. But after using Brisdelle my hot flashes are much less and i felt relax.It really works.


answered Oct 07 '14 at 08:28

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