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Just wanted to know if anyone has tried having intercourse during periods? How does it feel for you, good/bad?? Is it necessary to use contraception during this time of the month also??

asked Jun 10 '13 at 12:25

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Having intercourse during periods is a matter of personal preference. For some it might be a little difficult to get in the mood initially may be due to the messiness or the general feeling of sickness during periods but once you are aroused, it's good. Also it's easier to have intercourse during periods as the vaginal walls are well moist and lubricated. Orgasm helps a great deal with cramps and makes you feel better and can even reduce the duration of your periods by a day.

You may though have to make preparations to take care that blood doesn't get on to the bed sheet by may be spreading an extra protective sheet on it. Also keep some tissue papers handy.

It is advisable to use contraception even during periods for two main reasons:

  1. There is a possibility(very small but not nil) that you can conceive. Sperm deposited inside the vagina can live for up to 7 days and it is possible that you might get your ovulation early in the next cycle therefore giving them enough time to fertilize the egg.
  2. Vagina maintains a slightly acidic environment to safeguard against pathogens. But during periods, the environment inside the vagina becomes close to neutral due to the blood and mucous making it vulnerable to infections.

answered Jun 10 '13 at 14:56

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aditigupta ♦

Hey Aditi,

Thanks for the answer. Appreciate your thoughts on the question.

Well, just wanted to know people's thoughts on the subject. Have tried it myself with my gf. To start with, yes its a little difficult to get a girl agree for intercourse during her time of the month. But the task gets a little easy once the girl is a bit aroused. Yes, you need to make some extra preparations on the bed to make it less messy or maybe have sex in the shower, which could be really good from cleanliness point of view. Also, keep it simple with the missionary position on the bed. And yes, it's a lot easy to penetrate as there's a lot of lubrication. We tried it without the condom(as we use it normally), it felt awesome for two reasons: one the feeling of touch and the other the warmth and wetness of the blood. It made stroking so easy.

It does help the girl with the cramps as also the blood flow, both tend to reduce to an extent.

Does get a little messy at the end, with blood all over, needs a very good cleanup to be free from infections.

But worth a try!!!


answered Jun 11 '13 at 10:51

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I agree with the above poster, but sex during cycle can (apparently) increse the risk of cervical cancer. I will search for a reference and post one here if I find it.


answered Oct 11 '13 at 08:54

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Hi Mischa, I find it strange that sex during periods can increase the risk of cervical cancer. I referred to the following sites:

and in neither of them is "sex during periods" mentioned as a risk factor. It would be really nice if you could site relevant references for your answer. Thank you :)

(Oct 13 '13 at 12:28) aditigupta ♦ aditigupta's gravatar image
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