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Before 2 years I had irregular periods for 1 year. Now I have a proper periods but before 2 to 3 days start of menstrual cycle I have a lot of white discharge.

asked Jul 06 '13 at 05:45

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Dr Bhide

The short answer

White discharge is called leukorrhoea in the medical books. In the vast majority of cases it is normal or physiological. The way you describe it happening in the last few days of the cycle, suggests that it is normal and there is nothing that you need to do or for that matter can do to stop it. Since it does not itch it cannot be an infection and i suggest you stop worrying.

White discharge in normal cases

Most cases of white discharge are actually due to a normal process. The discharge is mainly from the uterus and cervix rather than from any infections in the vagina. In your case the fact that it happens pre-cycle is a clear indication that it is related to the pre-menstruation congestion of the pelvis. By the 21st day of period, the hormones (estrogen and progesterone) have peaked and so has the blood supply to the uterus. However as the fertilized embryo does not embed, the entire endometrial structure will now be dismantled to be re-built the next month. Menstruation starts when the blood vessels and the endometrium break down and is discharged as menses. However a day or two prior, as in your case, the process that will lead to menstruation may cause an initial leak of clear fluid. As it happens cyclically, it cannot be infection.

An excessive clear (white) discharge mid-cycle is quite common. In the first half of the menstrual cycle, the level of the estrogen hormone increases and it peaks around the time of ovulation. Estrogen causes increases blood supply to the endometrium (lining of the womb) and cervix (neck of the womb) as it prepares the endometrial glands ready for their role in supporting the embryo that is supposed to happen a few days later. As a result of this the secretions from the cervix increases a lot which seems like a white discharge. It is actually colorless discharge more than white.

This increased discharge mainly from the cervix has a role in changing the pH of the vagina and enabling a sperm to swim faster towards their destination (Fallopian tubes through the uterus) to fertilize the egg. During this time sexual arousal (in the woman) happens more easily and the lubrication of the vagina happens faster. All of this physiology however may not be of great help to an unmarried woman who is not trying for a baby.

White discharge due to infection

Women get anxious about any white discharge because infections can present that way as well. But then most of infections will itch a lot. The main common infection is candidiasis (Thrush). The discharge caused by thrush however is more flaky or cheesy and will cause itching specially around the opening of the vagina. It is also more likely in those on the COC(combined oral contraceptive) pill, those with diabetes and pregnancy. The other common infection that causes white discharge is called trichomoniasis. This infection causes a more frothy discharge off-white in colour and the itching is far greater as compared to the amount of discharge. These infections can be diagnosed by the gynaecologist by visual examination on most occasions.

Let me list a few other common situations where in the woman sees increased discharge and often worries.

Other causes of white discharge

In women between 20 to 40, there could be another physiological condition that can cause an excessive discharge. I am referring to “cervical erosion” which though sounds like something wrong, is basically a physiological condition wherein the cells lining of the cervix are not the thick multi-layered “squamous” type instead are single layered “endothelial” type. This again happens because of estrogen hormone and needs no treatment however if the discharge is too much we sometimes do a "freeze cauterization" or an "electric cauterization" to stop that excessive discharge. Its no more recommended in modern gynecology but nevertheless practiced commonly.

The bottom line is that most likely you do not have a problem but if there is itching or regular discharge then you may want to check with your gynecologist to rule out infection or other problems.


answered Jul 07 '13 at 06:20

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Dr Bhide

I think it's normal bc it happens to me too. You get different discharge at different times in your cycle. Your vag is about to go thru an intense cleaning process. Discharge also helps to clean it out as well.


answered Feb 08 '15 at 21:44

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hello sir/madam plz suggest me what i do. i am 31 age and unmarried. but my big prob is discharge ..i feel very uncomfotable. when feel sex related topic,anger,excitment that time discharge is more and more need to underwear change ..plz solve my problem. i feel assemed 2 talk anyone.. plz gv ans ..


answered Nov 30 '14 at 12:27

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hello sir/mam am btech 3rd yr. still am unmarried.so my age 21. and weight 33 dnt knw y?? but b4 periods and after periods alooottt of white discharge yyyy????????? actually any pblm in me r any thing is haapening in stmach am not knwng..while white dischargng am feeling very weeek infact my bones r paining and fulll body pains


answered Jan 27 '15 at 03:40

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Hiieee....i crosed my cycle, dint become this month its already a 15 days delay.. Now it started white discharging. Do know why. Please tell me about this..?¿?????????????


answered Mar 13 '15 at 07:50

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[hide preview] 285 characters / 56 words community wiki Am having the same problem.had last period on 20th feb..32-35days cycle i hv.crossed 4days from the due date.having lot of discharge..plz help.on the 27th day of my cycle my husband just entered for 2-3min..did not ejaculate into me..am i pregnant??is this discharge sign of pregnancy?


answered Mar 27 '15 at 10:08

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nita jain

I have had discharge for about 2-4 months now, once it was clear and stretchy. Then the discharge stopped for about 1-2 weeks, then came back. I don't know what has happened and i'm kind of scared. I had A LOT of discharge today, if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated! - Scared

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answered Mar 28 '15 at 17:29

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This generally happens before periods, many a times I notice that it is signal that you will have your menstrual cycle within these few days. So, don't worry it is normal, always be alert to have regular periods, having irregular periods or having long lasting periods like 10 days both are serious issues , that must be consulted with the doctor. You may use menstrual cup for your comfortable menstrual cycle.


answered Apr 10 '15 at 06:12

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