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My Wife & I got Married last year and she had a history of vomitting before 10-15 days of her menstrual cycle or 10-15 days after her menstrual cycle.

This severe vomitting syndrome which lasts for at least 10-15 days where whatever she consumes , just comes out. not even a drop of water stays inside her stomach.

We showed her to the best gastro doctors in the city, did all tests, all clear, got her treated for a minor h.pyloric infection that too got cleared which was minor, but it has been over a year & we do not have an answer to this.

We even went to psychologists and psychotherapists and they say that she needs time to adjust after marriage but she is perfectly normal at home and we have a very good family life, now this vomitting part is which most of the doctors do not even have an answer to , as we showed to the best doctors in town and all of them have given various different explanations.

It has become a monthly episode, every time before or after the menstrual cycle lasting for 10 days and , it relapses 10 days or 15 days before or after the menstrual cycle this is our close observation.

We need a correct diagnosis regarding this problem as she is complaining that this issue started right after puberty but was at a very minor stage then as she grew up it became worse but even after taking numerous medicines and showing to all different doctors too this issue is not resolved.

Please Help !

asked Sep 24 '15 at 05:24

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I have no medical training whatsoever, but it sounds to me like she is having problems when she ovulates. I don't know much about how to fix that in particular but I do know a little about hormone balance. Make sure to rule out any nutritional deficiencies such as magnesium deficiency, anemia, calcium deficiency, and B vitamin deficiencies. I sure hope she is not vegetarian; because fish and steak may really help her - all that IRON, cholesterol and omega 3 fatty acids. Eating iron with vitamin C increases its absorption. Anemia is a definite possibility. Seaweed would also help. Besides nutrition, any stress, past or present, could gloriously mess up her hormones. If she treats herself like, and is treated like, a princess, that is necessary for her health. Any physical or mental stress in a woman's body will manifest as an imbalance, especially a hormonal one, even if it is a past emotional trauma. I recommend giving her a massage every day, taking her on long walks, and pampering her. Other things to try that have less of a chance of working: Look up the symptoms of estrogen dominance online with her, and see if she has symptoms of that. If so, you can order Myomin pills from Amazon that lower estrogen. If she knows the nature of how her period is - if it's helped with cold or warmth, if it's heavy or light, accompanying symptoms, and even the color of it - then you can search for herbs in traditional chinese medicine on Google that match up with those symptoms. The nature of her period is the biggest clue in finding out what's wrong. Essential oils that could help her are diluted peppermint oil for the vomiting, and jasmine oil for possible anxiety. Finally, ajwain seeds, chamomile, and/or ginger normally are my usual herbal medicines for vomiting. To calm down her stomach in general, she should definitely eat foods easy on it such as rice, cooked greens, and bananas. Nothing spicy or greasy, and nothing cold or raw. That is my BEST GUESS; don't take it as gospel and good luck.


answered May 25 '16 at 02:42

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