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Hi, i am 20 years old lady, and i will get married on 20th november,2013. and i got my period regularly on 20th in each month. AS my period's date and marriage date are some,All you know is the biggest problem. so i want complete my period before my marriage. Can any one help me how can i complete my periods on or before 13th november?

Thanks for your support.

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You can reschedule your periods using birth control or oral contraceptive pills. Birth control pills are not the same as emergency contraceptive pills like i-pill.

How do birth control pills work?

Birth control pills are available in two kinds of packets, one with 28 pills and another with 21 pills. 28 pills pack is taken 1 pill a day for 28 days and then starting again with a new pack. Out of these 28 pills, only the first 21 pills are active that contain hormones to suppress your fertility rest 7 pills are inactive or placebo pills. When you start taking the inactive pills, you start bleeding that looks like periods but it is not. It is withdrawal bleeding.

All the pills in the 21 pill pack are active. So you take one pill a day for 21 days followed by a 7 day gap and then starting a new pack.

If you skip the 7 days of inactive pills or no pills as the case may be and start taking the active pills right away, you will not bleed and that is how you can delay your periods.

How to delay periods using birth control pills?

If you are using 28 pills pack then after having taken all the 21 active pills, skip the inactive ones and start the active pills of the new pack.

If you are using 21 pills pack then after having taken all the pills start a new pack right away.

Taking active pills continuously postpones your withdrawal bleeding. While on contraceptive pills you may see slight bleeding(spotting) initially but that would stop once the body adjust to the new regimen.

PLEASE NOTE: Birth control pills act by altering your hormone levels and therefore I would strongly advice you to talk with your gynecologist before acting on the information provided above.

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answered Sep 13 '13 at 05:16

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Any suggestion please......

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Thanks for your Answer.it helps me a lot. Can u give me some tablet name for this? As my periods start on 17th and my marriage is on 20-11. so from which date i have to start this tablets?

Thanks Again.

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Please consult your gynecologist as (s)he would be able to prescribe you the proper birth-control pill suitable for your purpose and let you know, when you can start taking the pills.

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Um, what exactly is the problem here? What does your period have to do with your marriage?


answered Nov 26 '13 at 14:58

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Adya, marriage is a religious ceremony involving prayers and sacred rituals whereas unfortunately menstruation is considered impure in India and a menstruating girl is forbidden from taking part in religious ceremonies. So girls want to avoid getting their periods during their marriage. Hence the question.

(Dec 02 '13 at 08:06) aditigupta ♦ aditigupta's gravatar image

I got that, but I would've thought she might've tried to change the norm. No point being stuck in the same place, esp at this page. This page has and should be a harbinger for removal of such derogatory practices.


answered Dec 02 '13 at 08:12

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