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I'm currently 19,I have breasts developed in me right from childhood.I've read articles relating to gynaecomastia.I have masturbated lot(not daily) for the past 2 years and ejaculated semen.My doubt is whether these breasts in me shrink off automatically or should I do some excercises?Should I undergo surgery or treatment?Currently I cant go for any medical treatment as I'm busy with my studies.Will this problem affect later part of my life regarding sex?

asked Feb 09 '14 at 06:35

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Hi, gynecomastia is indeed the condition you have. As you are 19 and currently still growing and possibly experiencing the end of puberty, it may be that your body is flooded with hormones and the breast enlargement will settle down over the next year or two. I would get some medical advice and find out your options, but delay any treatment until your body settles down and finishes growing.

Masturbation has not caused this, nor will it affect it in any way. Masturbation is for the most part extremely healthy for you (read more on this in the Q's regarding masturbation).

This condition won't affect your sex life unless it affects your body image,your self-esteem, and your partners attraction to you. If your partner loves you for who you are and you have a healthy self-esteem, it will not affect you at all.

My final thought is ~ do you carry excess weight? Excess weight can collect in the breast area of men and cause this condition. Working out at the gym in an effort to decrease the breasts may help but only if you target the right muscles. If your pectorals build up, it may accentuate the breat tissue even more. But if you are overweight, any effort to lose weight should help.

Future treatment options would include hormone therapy (it is likely you have excess oestrogen in your system). Testosterone injections may help. At least get a check-up and a blood test to find out the causes, as hormone therapy will not disrupt your study. If you decide it bothers you so much you wish to have surgery in future, this would be an option after hormone balance is achieved and other options are looked into first. Hopefully it will resolve itself, but I would suggest a blood-test/hormone level check would give you some answers. Good luck, and try to stay happy with a healthy body-image.


answered Feb 27 '14 at 22:44

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