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I have been trying to find some information regarding this "problem". Basically all the answers I've gotten have been really mixed. Some people say that masturbating everyday does not have any affect on your hair. And some people say that if you masturbate multiple times a day, it will make your hair weaker and you'll lose it easier in the long run.

So what is it? I'm not necessarily afraid of this, but I'm just curious and I'd like to hear from a professional and not from "internet experts". I have a pretty thin and weak hair, but I have no idea if it is, because of masturbation. Thank you very much.


asked Jan 23 '14 at 12:35

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The short answer to your question Jaoonas is that thinning of hair and masturbation have got no cause-effect relationship. Since there is a general negative connotation about masturbation especially in the Semitic faiths and this is another of those myths that runs parallel to "masturbation causes blindness". So as a medical doctor and expert in the field of reproduction (as you required your responder to be), I say, don’t worry, be happy.

The long answer

The one link between masturbation and baldness is that of the male hormone testosterone. Although it is not exclusively the male hormone, women have it only about 1/10th of what men have. Besides women have a small peak of testosterone release just prior to their ovulation but that’s another topic. Men have it all round the clock and calendar.

The various wonderful things that testosterone do for a man include toughen his bones far more than that of women to the extent they very infrequently suffer from osteoporosis. Testosterone builds up the muscles and allows you to lift heavy luggage and impress your girlfriends. It also gives you libido or sexual urge and without which you will not have any erection. In terms of hair growth, testosterone will give you a good beard provided of course you are genetically (ethnically) programmed to have a good beard. For example an untrimmed bear of Ho Chi Minh doesn't have the same luster as that of Karl Marx or Count Leo Tolstoy.

On the negative side however, testosterone acts to lose you your scalp hair.
The particular type of hair loss that happens in men which leaves a horse shoe like fringe of hair growth from the side of the ears to the nape of the neck is called the "male pattern baldness". If your close male relatives like your dad or uncles on either side are bald, then you are likely to go that way. So basically it is a combination of the genes dictating whether or not you will grow bald and the testosterone actually effecting the loss of hair.

If you have a small thought of suppressing testosterone to prevent your baldness I suggest you banish the thought. The associated problems of decreased energy, depression, decreased libido, obesity and developing man boobs (gynecomestia) are probably not worth it.

What we men need to learn to do is to find a way to glorify our baldness and wear it proudly. We need to campaign that baldness is a sign of intelligence and a proof of your virile self. "The bald head is the show room, of the real goods in the godown".


answered Feb 09 '14 at 00:40

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Dr Bhide

I am thinking to share a complete Guide of you problem. First and foremost, the root argument of whether masturbation is beneficial or harmful for overall health is in itself highly debatable. Think of masturbation as a chemical reaction that unleashes a plethora of hormones and proteins and activates millions of neurotransmitters. Genetic hair loss or alopecia is caused by the interaction between your genes, your testosterone (and DHT levels), time, and stress. 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a male sex hormone, an androgen whose imbalance or metabolic changes can cause hair loss. ""Normally, after ejaculation, the body triggers a testosterone-to-DHT conversion in the prostate and testicles. When DHT circulates and reaches the scalp and if your scalp is DHT-sensitive, excess DHT buildup can affect the hair follicles and their roots. "" For more: Source


answered Feb 10 '17 at 08:03

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