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I get severe cramps during periods and I also feel bloated. I avoid sour and salty food during periods, but that does not help with my cramps. Is there something else that might be causing these cramps.

asked Oct 02 '12 at 03:41

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Avoid these foods:

  1. Food containing Caffeine: chocolate, caffeinated soda, tea and coffee
  2. Fatty and fried foods
  3. Salty and sour foods containing high amounts of sodium: pickle, canned food, chips, snacks,salted popcorn, asian food made with sauces.
  4. Sugary foods like candy
  5. Dairy products like milk, cheese, buttermilk, yoghurt
  6. Red meat

Include these in your diet:

  1. Food rich in omega-3 fatty acid: Salmon, tuna, walnuts, flax seeds
  2. Calcium and magnesium rich foods: Broccoli and fortified cereals
  3. Foods rich in vitamin-C: Green leafy vegetables, zucchini, tomatoes, oranges, lemon, strawberry
  4. Fresh fruits
  5. Whole grains
  6. Green tea, peppermint tea
  7. Drink plenty of water


Menstrual Cramps are caused due to the contractions of the uterine and abdominal muscles to expel the menstrual fluid out of the body. These muscle contractions are caused by certain chemicals called prostaglandins. Dairy products and red meat contain arachadonic acids that instigates the production of cramp causing prostaglandins. Food rich in omega-3 fatty acids inhibit the release of cramp causing prostaglandins. Calcium and magnesium has been found to relieve menstrual cramps. Bloating is caused by excessive water retention by the body. Salted, processed and canned food contain high amounts of sodium. Consuming such food causes bloating. Consuming fibre rich food like whole grain cereals and vegetables and drinking plenty of water alleviates bloating. Green leafy vegetables provides iron to the body which prevents iron deficiency anaemia. Consuming vitamin-C increases iron absorption by the body.

One of the best ways to get relief from cramps besides modifying your diet is to increase your activities as it improves blood and oxygen circulation in the body helping in lessening the cramps. Taking an orgasm releases oxytocin which is body's own pain reliever and can provide relief from cramps.









answered Oct 02 '12 at 14:41

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I learned so much from this answer. Thank you, aditigupta, for writing such an informative post. I also really appreciate the links to references you included. They allow me to read more about what interests me.

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I used to get severe menstrual cramps as a teenager. I found that exercise, especially abdominal and thigh-toning exercise helped me. I made sure I got my Iron and B Vitamins, not only during my period but throughout the month. I also had to eat ravenously especially on the first day. Idli, dosa, pesarottu, tomato soup, sambar, gongura pappu ... anything and everything, really. The steamier the better!


answered Jun 10 '13 at 12:24

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I used to have such bad, painful periods until I started eating more red meat. I mean I couldn't walk for the first two days. I would also get very nauseous or throw up at least once during my period. Now I can do normal everyday things during my period with less bloating and minimal pain all because I started eating more steaks!


answered Feb 08 '15 at 21:40

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