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why shouldn't a girl go to the temple during her periods

asked Feb 28 '13 at 05:20

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Girls are prohibited from going to temple or entering a place of worship during their periods because of a myth that girls are impure during their periods.

But the fact is that there is nothing impure or bad about menstruation. Believing in these myths is a personal preference. It is a 'don't ask don't tell' situation where girls and women go to places of worship even when they are having their periods but no one knows about it.


answered Mar 03 '13 at 10:25

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Very true Aditi Gupta. There is nothing impure about menstruation - this is after all the blood that gives life! No need to whisper ... and no need to refrain just because you are having your period.


answered Jun 03 '13 at 10:55

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You ask if it's ok to visit a temple during your periods. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t. The wonderful thing about our Hindu faith is so much is based on practice (and not lines from the holy Geeta) that it would be difficult for anybody to suggest differently. I dont know, if there are any scriptures which suggests that girls in their periods should not visit temples. If there are, I am happy to give my forefathers the benefit of the doubt and assume that they didn’t want girls in period-pains and in physically awkward/uncomfortable situation to have to go to the temple. If on the other hand they thought that menstruation means impurity i think they were ill informed and frankly, wrong.

The exclusion of menstruating woman is pretty much common in the semitic faiths - Judaism,Christianity and Islam. Apparently, women in their periods are required not to attend the mosque for the Friday prayers, as they are considered "impure". The Jews have pretty much similar rules about menstruating women not entering synagogues. The Christians historically at such strong views but the modern Church especially the Anglicans are a bit more relaxed about these things. Besides, atleast in the west, so few white people attend the church, that they would have to close shop very soon if they stuck to such policies against women.

It is not for me to tell believers of other faiths what could be a sensible thing to do. But so far as Hindus are concerned I can safely suggest go ahead and pray to God in the temple during menses, without worrying about being "impure". The way we practice Hinduism today, you have the freedom to choose to practice your faith based on modern scientific views and simple common sense and not just following instructions form book/s written a few thousand years ago or from religious wisdom from so called pious men !


answered Jun 13 '13 at 03:48

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Dr Bhide

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Please do not spread unfounded superstitious views in this forum.


answered Jul 12 '13 at 04:19

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See it was related to god that s why I answered like that.Rest is up to you.

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Actually there is a reason for every thing that our ancestors quoted a thousand years before As mentioned earlier during those days some women feel tired and abdominal pain(very common),leg pain etc.,So at that time they wont be able to concentrate on the rituals also they need to sit or stand or walk for along which is difficult during menses.ANOTHER IMPORTANT POINT is that there are harmone changes in their body which affects their mental health(some were more angry,some so sad on the verge of crying)there are a lot of harmones involved especially a harmone called PHEROMONE(which exists in all organisms in ants it used to detect food ,in human each one gives a unique smell)due to the variation of this there exists a temperature change in genital area which is irritating for some women.The other normal women who also secrete this harmone will affect the menses women So the women who experience period when they are in the midst of crowd their health will be affected.Also in temples the energy flow (positive) which exists during poojas affect them some women will be very weak during periods which inturn causes more effects So DURING PERIODS IT IS BETTER TO TAKE REST IN HOME


answered Sep 16 '13 at 10:37

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Menses is a period that women's body is slightly different from normal. It is important that we understand the changes and learn to cope with it. Yes it is more a bother when we have to change our pads frequently and focus on hygiene initially for our own selves and also for those around us. Religious dictums have come from a long line of ancestors who lived by rules of their times. We have to do what is best for us. Incorporating our values simply because one feels defiant does not count! Actually we end up on losing side ! Instead we could focus on physical hygiene and comfort. In the same vein, many women are extremely active during menses and nobody even knows about it! It is all in our minds when we say oh I don't think I can do this 'cos I have my chums ! It is self limiting! We can draw up our rules based on our needs rather than simply defy! Maturity can be a wonderful tool to all Indian women!


answered Apr 13 '14 at 00:17

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Like everything, periods are also a gift from God. We are all God's creation, I never understood why will God create impurity for his own child. Its the people who create such superstition and bring women into his helpless zone. Right from the time when she is a little girl, such irrational thoughts are being force-fed. A women should worship God whenever she wants which includes worshiping in periods as well.


answered Aug 07 '14 at 05:08

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I also do not agree with the impurity-during-menstruation view, but consider this case, which is my personal experience. What would you do in this case: There is an old Jain Temple in Chittorgarh Fort in Rajasthan, where there is a big board outside stating that women during their menstrual cycle are not allowed inside, so please help maintain the sanctity of the temple by not entering if your cycle is going on.

Would it be considered disrespectful of others' religious beliefs if a Hindu/Christian/Muslim woman went in during her period? If we respect things like covering our head in the Gurudwara (yes, it is mandatory to cover your head, and if you dont have a dupatta, they will provide it!) then shouldn't we follow all their rules? Tough choice! :)


answered Jul 29 '13 at 02:55

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the girls are prohibited to temples during periods b'cuz... the blood shed smells and bacteria may spread...... in temples we must stand and sit.... when we raise up after sitting for a long time, we may soil our clothes.... and its embarrassing right?! i am against this faith...... every one contains blood in body and it may discharge.. why should not we go near god since he gave this phenomena for women..... i often feel when my mum says don't some near pooja room when you are in periods , disgusting and angry.......


answered Oct 05 '13 at 05:08

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Yes it is true that women were not allowed to go to temples, or work in the kitchen, or take a bath in the same bathroom or washing area as other members of the house. The reason were

  1. Periods can be very painful and exhausting, the pain being different for every woman though. And so they were exempted from all heavy work, including going to a temple or being part of long ceremonies.
  2. They were no sanitary napkins or tampons then, making it nearly impossible to move about without soiling clothes.
  3. The blood if not cleaned off the washing area, can attract germs, making it an unclean place to take a bath in.
  4. In many places women are supposed to sleep on a 'chatayi' on the floor when they are menstruating, again because the bed could be stained and there were no washing machines. It was hard work.

But there is no need to follow any of these rules today. People couldn't travel before because of lack of technology, today they can. Same way movement of women during menses has been made very convenient. So it is a woman's personal choice whether to go to a temple, office, school, or any place at all. The idea that she is 'unclean' is redundant and extremely offending.


answered Nov 25 '13 at 15:31

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