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Hello, myself 27 years old. i'am not able to ejecuate during masturbation but i do have nightfalls various times. i do involved in intercourse( during my first time i ejecuated on time) after wards over period of time with my second partner i ejecuated very early. But still I'm not able to ejacuate during masturbation. when i was around 1 year old i had an operation of foreskin( circumscision) as i was not able to pee.., is every thing is alright ???

asked Oct 15 '13 at 09:43

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Not the right form is it?Approach a sexual health form if you want to troll!! You might even get serious replies

(Nov 02 '13 at 11:36) Mriace Mriace's gravatar image

@Mriace It is a valid question as long as it is related to reproductive health(of girls as well as boys).

(Feb 09 '14 at 00:29) admin ♦♦ admin's gravatar image

There are a few problems that you have mentioned in your question my friend. Let us try and see how they make sense together. No short answers here!

About night falls

Night falls also called as “spontaneous nocturnal emission” is a normal and natural phenomenon can happen in most men above the age of puberty. It is a natural way the body will get rid of the accumulated secretions in the reproductive system. Thus it is less likely to happen in men who ejaculate regularly whether during sexual intercourse or by masturbation. If that doesn’t happen, the collected secretions will in some ways stretch and irritate the tubes and combined with the phenomenon of early morning erections and perhaps some dreams to complete the picture, nocturnal emission happen. It’s not a disease or a problem and there is nothing to worry about.

About premature ejaculation

The second problem you discussed about ejaculating too early during sexual intercourse is not directly related to the fact that you have nocturnal emissions. There is some correlation however, in that if you haven’t have sex for long, no sooner you get the opportunity, the stimulation will overwhelm you and thus cause early ejaculation or premature ejaculation. It gives you the physical relief that you need but obviously leaves an unhappy partner and crest fallen you!

About Circumcision

Circumcision when you were one year old has got no role to play in the nocturnal emissions or the premature ejaculation. If anything, the removal of the foreskin causes the delicate mucosal lining of the glans (tip of penis) to become more tough and skin like lining which if anything will cause reduction of stimuli and thus delay ejaculation. Having said that, the feeling of being overwhelmed by the sexual experience will probably far outweigh any reduction of sensation that the circumcision may have caused.

That you cannot ejaculate by masturbation is not something unusual and may have a lot to do with how you perceive the act. I am tempted to play Sherlock Holmes and guess that you have strict religious upbringings or probably heard bad things about masturbation amongst your friends. Many religions are well known for their abhorrence of self pleasure hence one of the street jargon for masturbation is "bashing the bishop".

I hope this has been of some relief to any anxiety that you may have.


answered Feb 09 '14 at 00:35

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Dr Bhide

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