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hi iam 23 years old my question is what is tha difference between male and female masturbation i mean if male masturbate semen release from penis and what about females masturbate

asked May 08 '13 at 05:39

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An interesting question from someone who is new to masturbation. Yes, that's right when a man masturbates and reaches an orgasm, he ejaculates semen from his penis.

Just like a man's penis has sensitive skin, called glans, beneath his foreskin, a woman has clitoris. Females masturbate by rubbing the clitoris. They also insert fingers into the vagina and run the vaginal walls and its lips to masturbate. Females do not release anything when they reach an orgasm, but they do get very wet and a white liquid is discharged in very small quantities. Very few females squirt i.e release such white liquid with force just like when a man ejaculates but this is a rare phenomenon.

Regards, Decent Lover


answered Jun 03 '13 at 12:57

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Cultural and emotional difference

The way the female mind and body works is a bit different to that of the male. Due to the difference in the genetic makeup of women, hormonal milieu (less testosterone) that they have as well as perhaps the cultural influence (upbringing), girls it would seem, do not have the same pressure of sexual desire that boys seem to have. What I say, it needs to be interpreted bearing in mind the general nature of the comment. A lot of this difference is cultural and the girls in the west undoubtedly masturbate more than Indian girls for example. But even then, it is less than the boys in the west.

When a group of boys sit late night and talk about girls (even when they have officially sat to study for the exam next week), sooner or later they would discuss physical aspects of girls and what fun it would be to have sex with them. Girls on the other hand, I am reliably told, discuss boys or Salman Khan more on emotional terms and not in such explicit sexual details. This may be largely be a cultural thing but I suspect the other two factors mentioned may have an important role to play as well (genetic and hormonal).

The sex physiology of girls perhaps does not have such a hair-trigger as the boys. The pressure/need for them to masturbate is generally much less than boys.

Difference in mechanism

Now the nitty-gritty details. Unlike what boys imagine, girls only uncommonly masturbate by inserting penile substitutes like dildos. Instead, their masturbation generally involves rubbing of the crotch, the labia of the vagina, the pubic area and mainly the clitoris. And sometimes even the breasts and nipples.

Difference in sexual gratification

The culmination of sexual gratification is also different in women as compared to men. In men there is a definite finishing point which is ejaculation. Without achieving that, the sense of satisfaction isn't there. Stimulation without ejaculation can cause dull ache in the testes as they get engorged with blood, swell and thus become painful. Ejaculation sorts all that out.

Orgasm is not such a big must for women as ejaculation is to men. Most girls will not insist on having an orgasm during masturbation or for that matter real sex . They would of course like to have it and enjoy it when it happens but they are not as orgasm dependent as men are. Also, practically, it takes far longer for a woman to reach her orgasm than it takes men to reach their climax. It is for that reason even during sex, a relaxed and unhurried foreplay is so important to get the woman in the mood and thus well lubricated.

On the flip side, woman have the capacity of achieving multiple orgasms in the same act of sex or soon after, which is almost impossible for men. But then that is another topic for a lecture!


answered Jun 17 '13 at 01:02

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Dr Bhide

Very true, Dr B. For the record, multiple orgasms in women are quite rare but can be learned (I am a western woman, by the way).

It all depends upon your personal erogenous zones (parts of the body that arouse). For some women, this will be neck, nipples, breasts, feet, stroking of the forearms, of course the clitoris and pelvic area, skin on the belly, and the vagina itself. I will stop here!

For men, all the above is also often arousing (minus the vagina, of course! ) but the focus tends to be on the penis. This is a shame as the, belly skin, testicles, anus, and skin in between heightens arousal in many men. Women require more of an emotional connection than men. Both men and women can enjoy feathery light touch, hard and repetitive touching, surprising of different body parts, and so on. But for women, the mind must be turned on. This is where it all begins for women. Talk to your partner during sex, during masturbation talk to yourself. Explore your body and be open minded as to what may arouse you. You might just surprise yourself.


answered Oct 11 '13 at 09:46

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Masturbation is a great way to lessen tension in your body. It's a very safe way to have an orgasm. And it's probably the best way to learn about how your body likes to be loved. But female masturbation, like most things, takes practice. And the only way to learn about your own sexual response is to try it. As like male masturbation female masturbation is also self pleasuring techniques.


answered Sep 09 '14 at 06:56

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