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I really appreciate this venture call MenstruPedia to address women problems. And this time, I have come up with problem, seeking for expert gynecological solution.

Me and my partner are strongly committed to each other and are going to marry in near future (may be 6 months).

We both are much worried and in lot of tension because around 2 months back (6th July), we indulged in foreplay by playing with each other's private parts. However we refrained from having sex. We both had a doubt that sperm may have been transmitted through this activity because he was not sure if he had washed his hands properly or not before the act. And hence, he brought me an i-Pill which I consumed at around 24th-25th hour after act.

Now, after 2 days of consuming that i-pill, I started bleeding (like periods or may be it were periods itself) which lasted for around 4 days, started at around 8th July and ended at 12th July. To let you know, I just had periods 2-2.5 weeks before this bleeding.

We indulged in same kind of act after that bleeding for 2-3 times more, but this time being conscious about hygiene.

Our tension is, after that bleeding, I did not have periods. And it has been almost 2 months since then.

About my heath,

I have a problem of irregular periods and sometimes (once or twice in a year), I have periods after 2 months of the completion date of last period. I have some facial hair and red pimples spot on face skin. I sometimes feel weakness and deadness in hands/legs too. I do not generate sexual desire for my partner on myself, but get ready and actively participate if he demands (though we did not have sex).

Recently, for last 4-5 days, I am filling little more quantity of white discharge than regular in vagina (somewhat like it happens before periods) and some pain in legs and back too. But still there are no periods...

Our Questions with lot of tension :-

(1) What should I do because I do not have periods since last 2 months? (Though, 12 Sept, 2 months from last period completion is still near) (2) The bleeding that happened 2 months back on 8th July were periods? or else? (3) Am I pregnant? (4) If I am pregnant, what should I do to avoid this? What medicine should I take? (5) Should I check for pregnancy through pregnancy kit available in market? What the steps and precautions in that? (6) Should I consult gynecologist for this delay in periods? (7) What foods/medicine and exercise should I consume/do to avoid this problem of pregnancy and irregular periods (I am pure vegetarian)? (8) Will this problem result as a problem in future wanted pregnancy or infertility? (9) Are facial hair, pimples or weakness due to this problem?

Please reply ASAP as we both are in much tension. Expert gynecological advice is much more required, sought for and will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.

asked Sep 07 '13 at 02:58

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mansi ♦♦

Hi, any help please... I require it... Urgent... There are still no periods...

I tested using pregnancy kit available in market and results were negative... But still there are no periods...

(Sep 13 '13 at 12:47) Decent_Girl_Problem Decent_Girl_Problem's gravatar image

Hi, so I visited gynecologist. And the doctor suggested me Regestrone Sandoz (5mg) pills (6). And as per him I should get periods in a week.

However I heard that this tablet is used for delaying periods. Please advice.

(Sep 15 '13 at 13:53) Decent_Girl_Problem Decent_Girl_Problem's gravatar image

Hi, any help please on above question. I consumed the pills but I still have no periods!!! And really tensed about why is it happening and when I will have it. Can it be because of blood deficiency. I haven't tested my blood count but my palm is looking pale, not red... Or is it like, the pills show their effect after some days ???

(Sep 19 '13 at 16:12) Decent_Girl_Problem Decent_Girl_Problem's gravatar image

After going through your problem, I would strongly advise that you should talk to your gynecologist. Only an in person consultation with a gynecologist can provide you all the answers on which you can trust and act on. Also I would say, get yourself diagnosed for PCOS(PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome).

You can read more about PCOS here: Infrequent Menstruation, PCOS


answered Sep 13 '13 at 13:08

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aditigupta ♦

I think you really need to do some reading as to how pregnancy occurrs, what kind of foreplay is safe/unlikely to cause pregnancy, and bone-up generally on issues concerning your body. It is extremely, utterly unlikely you would be pregnant through a little fiddling play, whether hands are washed or not after touching sperm. Your/his hands would need to be most likely coveted in, dripping with sperm and this would need to be inserted very deeply into the vagina as close as possible to the cervix for you to become pregnant from non-penetrative sex, and this would need to occur at your most fertile time 6-10d roughly after the last day of bleeding of your period. I'm not sure of the statistics, but I should imagine 99.99997pc of women would not get pregnant after the scenario you describe.

There is much good info in this site and on wikipedia as to irregular periods. Often it takes many years for periods to become regular, if ever. Medication, diet and general health all play a part in this. You may be lacking a nutrient or trace element or simply under stress, or may have an underlying condition causing irregular periods. If you are truly concerned, go buy a pregnancy test, pee on the stick and find out for sure. If you do not wish to have children right now, the quicker you find out, the more options you will have (I just read that you have done this...good good good!) Lastly, I truly hope you learn to enjoy your sex life - anticipating it with joy, 'generating desire for your partner within yourself' (you should not feel indecent for these feelings. If you love him and are committed to each other, it is healthy, normal and energising to desire your partner). If my partner 'demanded sex' and I did not desire him, it wouldn't happen. If my partner demanded sex full stop it wouldn't happen. You are not a man's plaything - you are a woman and deserve your own desires and to have dominion over your own body. It is your body - not his. Please think about this. It is so very important that you are master of your own body. If you choose to have sex/fiddle about, great, but it needs be a mutual choice, not simply his choice. Respect yourself, do some reading and research. Good luck with your health issues.


answered Oct 11 '13 at 08:39

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Have you asked you doctor about PCOD? Poly cystic ovarian dis order, its very common these days.

As much as a lecture as this may sound, you should read up on the internet before indulging in these things. During foreplay, just avoid both of you being naked at the same time.

You probably do not understand the implications of getting pregnant. If its a normal pregnancy, even then there can be many complications while aborting, like excessive bleeding. Some doctors forget to give anti-biotics with the abortion pill, meaning your uterus can get so infected that you may turn sterile or it may have to be removed.

Even if the abortion is ok, it is a lot of stress for the uterus.

If your pregnancy is not normal, say it is ectopic, which believe me is not as uncommon as they say it is, it can be fatal, no kidding. Ectopic means that the embryo implanted itself outside the uterus. Surgical intervention is almost always required in this case, and if there is excessive damage to the tube, then your fallopian tube may have to be removed.

Your ability to have kids is affected by such instances, but more importantly your health is at stake with such carelessness.

I hope you know understand the gravity of the situation. Its completely ok to be sexually active, once you are legally mature, but not absent mindedly. I would advise you to go on other contraceptives besides the condom. Like vaginal rings, IUD, hormonal injections, Oral contraceptives. All have pros and cons, you will have to research and see what suits you best, and event then do not stop using condoms. Assuming you are not married, if something happens, however liberated you may be, things may get tough. Be sexually active, but be so in a healthy manner.


answered Nov 26 '13 at 14:55

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I agree with much of Adya's answer regarding PCOS, although the Questioners prob may be infrequent periods for many reasons ~ she has not come back saying she has been diagnosed with PCOS.

My huge objection to Adya's answer is her advice of avoiding nakedness during sex, upon the assumption, I suppose, that this will prevent pregnancy. Pregnancy will only ever result after penetrative sex during the fertile few days of a woman's cycle. Being naked has nothing to do with it. You could both be clothed and still a pregnancy will result if penetrative sex at the right time is achieved. Becoming pregnant has nothing whatsoever to do with being clothed or naked.

Speaking of PCOS, many women with PCOS manage to achieve succesful and healthy pregnancies. Having PCOS (if indeed this is the case for the Questioner) may make it more difficult to become pregnant, but should not effect a healthy outcome with good gynecological care. I am pretty sure the incidence of ectopic pregnancy is the same in PCOS affected women as in the general (healthy) population, but I will pop back in if I find research to the contrary. Yes, ectopic pg's most often require surgical intervention, although new treatments are becoming available to treat it with medication if it is discovered very early (5wks) into pregnancy. This is still in the trial/final research stages and will hopefully become more available after the trials are finished.


answered Feb 27 '14 at 22:20

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Hey Mischa, I said the thing about being naked as a way to avoid temptation, and otherwise to avoid penetration in any form!

(Feb 28 '14 at 05:37) Adya Adya's gravatar image

Hi Adya, yes, I did get that undercurrent...but thought it reasonable to point out that clothing and penetrative sex can still go together! Some men and women find clothing or partly clothed partners to be erotic, and clothing does not need to be fully removed for sex to occur (although, of course, it is more 'normal' for partners to be naked). To avoid pregnancy and remain respectful of a partners wishes, partners need to be open and honest with each other about how they feel ("sorry, I don't feel like sex right now,")what their body is doing ("This is my fertile time and we can't have sex without protection." or maybe, "I'm sorry I can't get an erection right now,") what they intend for the future ("We don't want to have kids at this stage in our relationship,")and develop a language and dialogue about sex within the relationship; this removes the need for a woman to remain clothed in order to protect herself from unwanted advances within her relationship, and help her partner learn how to be respectful of her right to ownership of her own body.

Particularly in India, where many of this sites readers reside, this is a huge issue and women need to stand up for their rights,and help educate their partners in the issues of emotional, sexual and personal integrity and respect for others' bodies. Women need to demand respect, as they probably are not going to get it any other way. Men have a great responsibility to behave in such a way as they themselves would wish to be treated, and listen to their partners wants and needs, and consider them equal to his own.

If you find within your relationship it 'works' for you to use clothing as a trigger for your partner to understand your sexual wants and needs, then that's great ~ it's just another part of the body language of your relationship. If a pair of pants stops your partner in his tracks and acts as a chastity belt ~ cool bananas ~ but for some men/women this would be no barrier to sex or erotic feelings. Thanks for your clarification, Adya. Through sharing our experiences we can all help and teach each other.

(Feb 28 '14 at 08:02) Mischa Mischa's gravatar image

Mischa, You are unfortunately very right about the part where women are not respected, esp with reference to sexual relationship. Sex still remains a man's forte and all decisions are taken by him, regardless of the consequences. The blame, though, rests with the women. But then, this isn't a 'particularly India' case, this is sadly a world state, wherein even the educated class does not have an equal relationship.

(Mar 01 '14 at 02:36) Adya Adya's gravatar image

Hear, hear, Adya. That is so true. I see striking imbalances within my own relationship, but even then my relationship is pretty balanced compared to most. I live in a country where the main disparities between men and women are pay-related. Socially most people think men and women are equal, but when you look at advertising you see a lot of stereotypes and conditioning. I feel very lucky, though. My heart goes out to women in India (and other countries with similar gender violence) who are unable to feel safe on the streets, in their workplaces, and most especially, in their own homes.

(Mar 09 '14 at 00:32) Mischa Mischa's gravatar image

Even in countries like the U.S. and Sweden women, and even men, have an alarming risk of sexual violence. As a worldwide problem men's voices standing up for women are important for progress.

In a relationship being pressured to engage in sexual behavior, including foreplay, when a person does not want to is damaging. Before they are with a man, women might find it helpful to practice saying phrases that help them express what they do and don't want sexually. While thinking calmly women can think of very creative and effective ways to set limits on what they will not do sexually.

(Nov 12 '14 at 08:39) Monica902 ♦ Monica902's gravatar image
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