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Hi menstrupedia,

We have to face such things in my own family(Indian Families), We girls never get permission to attend any holy rituals and not are not allowed to enter in our own kitchen... why it raises a question about our purity.

asked Oct 22 '12 at 07:46

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Considering Menstrual blood as impure and a menstruating women impure has been a result of a lot of misconceptions, taboos and practices which has been followed by people all around the world without being aware of the actual cause. While a women is menstruating, to make sure that the girl/women gets proper rest, she was not allowed to work in kitchen or do any house hold work, some time a girl/women would also be sent to separate huts to spend their time in privacy and peacefully.

All these precaution got exaggeration and one started assuming that since a girl is impure during her periods so she should be secluded. Menstrual Discharge looks dirty and when it stays in contact with air it begins to give out foul smell. Menstrual discharge is accompanied by abdominal pain in some women. All of this too makes the menstrual fluid appear as dirt, something that the body rejects and thus a menstruating woman is impure and anything she touches becomes impure.

Scientifically, the menstrual blood is a uterine lining made of tissue and blood vessels. This lining is called endometrium, if the egg(ovum) gets fertilized this lining nourishes the embryo. So, logically this fluid that comes during one period is a source of life for the embryo, so instead of it being impure, it has the capability of giving life.

In the Palaeolithic era, the menstrual blood was considered fertile and it was sprinkled in their farm to ensure good harvest. Biologically menstrual fluid is a mixture of tissues and blood vessels and there is nothing impure about it, it does not contain a smell of its own, it gives foul smell only after it comes in contact with air outside the body.

Generally the restrictions are imposed by the older generations of female members of the family and this is how the myths are passed from one generation to the other, however busting these myths are one's personal choice and responsibility. It’s an irony that the mothers and grandmothers suffer because of the existing myths and they make their daughters follow the same restrictions and pass on the same discomfort.


answered Oct 23 '12 at 16:00

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This is the blood that gives life. Nothing impure! In fact, quite the opposite. Each of us can end these misconceptions and see that our daughters need not feel ashamed of their bodies.


answered Jul 07 '13 at 19:09

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Please do not spread your religious and unfounded superstitious views in this forum.


answered Jul 12 '13 at 04:24

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