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why shouldn't a girl go to the temple during her periods

asked Feb 28 '13 at 05:20

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Hi. Must state that I like what you are doing here. As far as the temple thing is concerned, I do not believe in not worshipping during my menses and this un-pure stuff is nonsense. But a board outside a temple would certainly stop me from entering because it will hurt the sentiments of others. Again, it could be argued that no one will know, but according to me, God is everywhere, so a few steps in or out makes no difference to me and Him. I will make it clear that i do not believe in the superstition, but have stayed outside to avoid hurting others.

If it is my own home or a religious function that I am hosting, it will not matter.


answered Dec 17 '13 at 22:41

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Ujwala S K

What if the board said "untouchables not allowed?" Why should any public institution be allowed to practice and propagate menstrual untouchability?

(Apr 14 '14 at 14:19) Aravinda Aravinda's gravatar image

Menses is a period that women's body is slightly different from normal. It is important that we understand the changes and learn to cope with it. Yes it is more a bother when we have to change our pads frequently and focus on hygiene initially for our own selves and also for those around us. Religious dictums have come from a long line of ancestors who lived by rules of their times. We have to do what is best for us. Incorporating our values simply because one feels defiant does not count! Actually we end up on losing side ! Instead we could focus on physical hygiene and comfort. In the same vein, many women are extremely active during menses and nobody even knows about it! It is all in our minds when we say oh I don't think I can do this 'cos I have my chums ! It is self limiting! We can draw up our rules based on our needs rather than simply defy! Maturity can be a wonderful tool to all Indian women!


answered Apr 13 '14 at 00:17

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You may go where you wish during your period. I invite you to read Seven Fallacies about Menstruation and Culture


answered Apr 14 '14 at 14:22

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In America where I live nobody stays home during their period, and, unless you tell someone, nobody even knows you're having your period. You power through the discomfort, take an ibuprofen, and visit the washroom more frequently in order to stay clean. For me personally, walking around makes me feel better during menstruation. I have even gone on long hikes and canoe trips while menstruating. The only thing I can think of that I wouldn't ever do while menstruating is go swimming, for obvious reasons. Before today, reading these posts, I have never heard anyone recommend that people "rest at home" during their period.


answered Jun 07 '15 at 12:37

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I also dont understand why women in period are not allowed to go to worship areas. We need to grow up with time and technology... Earlier in ages ago when there were no things like Bathroom toilets etc. People used to have bath in public kunds, rivers or ponds. So obviously in periods lady cant bath there. And one more fact is no one goes to worrship without bathing not even men. That is why women were not allowed to step in to the temple. But today we have bathrooms, toilets and all the sanitary tools then Why we cant go to worship area? We need to understand this and change our mindsets and need to be more practical with time...!


answered Oct 15 '15 at 05:22

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Here is a 6-part article on Hindu view on Menstruation and the first part deals with the reason behind certain restrictions placed in Hindu tradition regarding temple visit etc. during Menstruation- Here is link to first part- http://indiafacts.org/hindu-view-menstruation-ii-menstruation-ashaucha/

Links to other parts within the article.

An excerpt: One of the names for Menstruation in Sanskrit is ‘Rajasraava’, which loosely means ‘flow of Raja’. Though the term ‘Raja’ here is often translated as ‘blood’, it may as well refer to ‘Rajas Guna’. Rajas is one among the three Gunas. It denotes flow, movement, passion, energy, etc. and imparts dynamic nature to an Individual, but at the same time it also increases a person’s bondage to the worldly cycle.

In the physical body, ‘Rajasraava’ represents the flow of menstrual blood, which contains blood, cervical mucus, vaginal secretions, and endometrial tissue that are being thrown out of the physical body. In the vital body, Rajasraava represents the flow of excess Rajasic energy, i.e. Prana Shakti (especially the Apana vayu). Blood is the carrier of Prana-shakti within the physical body. Thus, through the excretion of the blood, excess Prana Shakti, which is Rajasic in nature, is being thrown out of the body during menstruation. In the mental sheath, Rajas represents thoughts and emotions such as anger, frustration, uneasiness, irritation, mood-swings, etc. to which menstruating women are more exposed to. Therefore, menstruation is a complicated physio-psychological process that exposes a woman to the excess Rajasic condition of the physical, vital, and mental levels.

For all spiritual and religious activities, the Shaucha-cleanliness of the body, balance in the vital force (Prana), and the calmness of the mind, is very important. Thus, Ashaucha/impurity related to menstruation is not only about unhygienic conditions at the physical level, which has been more or less addressed by sanitary pads, tampons, etc. in the modern times; Ashaucha is also about the heightened Rajasic state of menstruating women in their physical, vital, and mental sheaths and how this heightened Rajasic state makes: Certain actions unsuitable for menstruating women and makes Menstruating women unsuitable for certain actions.


answered Aug 02 '16 at 13:04

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