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Following a weird thing that women having period should not see, go near and their shadow should not fall on a new born baby unless the baby hairs are cut (As per Hindu tradition). Ofcourse baby's mother is an exception. Is this true.

asked Aug 21 '14 at 02:46

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From what you wrote it sounds like Hindu tradition encourages some people to believe this is true, but it is a superstition.

There is no difference between a woman who is having her period and one who is not. A woman's shadow is the same while she has her period and in between her periods. There is no difference between how clean a woman is during her period and in between her periods. Women are as clean as they decide to be during their periods and in between their periods by washing their hands, their clothes, and their bodies. It is perfectly safe for a woman to hold and take care of babies while she is having her period. It does not matter if the baby's hair has been cut or not.

If you are a menstruating woman and you enjoy following this Hindu tradition, then enjoy doing so, but there is no danger to the baby at all whether you follow the tradition or not.


answered Nov 05 '14 at 20:20

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edited Nov 05 '14 at 20:22

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