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we had a sex on 6th and 7th day of my menstrual cycle.Is der any chance to get pregnancy for we are tensed a lot please do answer for me

       thanks in advance

asked Mar 16 '15 at 08:08

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Its normal to have tension in such situation!! Understanding the menstrual cycle is crucial to predict ovulation, plan your fertility patterns and to know the chances of being pregnant. Normally, on average, a fertile period of woman during her menstrual cycle lasts about seven days (i.e. 7 days before ovulation and the day after ovulation). Passing this period, chances of conception get decrease. In your case, if you have a doubt then you can either visit doctor and conduct a pathology test or use a home test kits to confirm a pregnancy. The key is to forecast ovulation with high precision.


answered Jul 20 '15 at 09:09

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hello anusre, u should do intercourse between 14th day to 16th day of cycle. by this you will be more prone to pregnancy. The reason is 14th day is a ovlulation day so ovum will come to fallopian tube. in market Ovulation Kit is available with help of it u can predict time for intercourse.


answered Jul 15 '15 at 01:17

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